Cosa si vede a Mirafiori. Cosa vede Mirafiori


Mirafiori is a district of the city of Turin, in Italy. It was built at the beginning of the 1900s by Fiat to house its workers. Fiat was the biggest European car industry, a huge symbol of fordism. In the Sixties the district had more than 25.000 inhabitants. In recent years, Fiat has downsized from 60.000 workers to 14.000, and Mirafiori is also completely changed. I realized this reportage in 2002 before a deep urban renewal of the district. Two are the points of view: what you see at Mirafiori; what Mirafiori sees. The first gaze is more objective, general, descriptive, and public; from the street. The second is more subjective, particular, private, and inclusive; from the windows of the inhabitants. One is “external”, the other is “internal”. The first is a photographic catalogue, where the items remind of Borges, Sei Shonagon, Perec, Atget or Ghirri. The 10 items are: Animals Buildings sites Closed shops Flowers Memory Places to play Plastic sheets Spontaneous paths Streets without cars Waters The second consists of only one item: Rear Windows